About Us


Our Success Matrix

Clicks, links, likes, tags, texts and lists are all a part of the process but the end result must be sales in the long run.

We focus on aspects of your clients' direct path from search to purchase and our activities have one simple focus:


Our Client Segments

Many of our clients prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of privacy. We take on projects of all sizes, whether a small start-up company looking for more web traffic or a large company with tens of thousands of daily e-commerce users and our clients tend to fall into one of the three segments.

Smaller start-up businesses with less than 1000 website visitors per month

Small to medium business with 1k - 10k consistent monthly website visits

Businesses with large int'l traffic of 10,000+ monthly website visits

We work with all types of clients from small start-ups, to companies with thousands of e-commerce sales on a monthly basis.

Example: A recent client had an interesting problem. They had been engaged in the “try it and let’s see” approach. We uncovered that while they had managed to generate lots of traffic, it was not buying traffic. So people were coming to social media and the website and then leaving without a purchase. Those that were initiating the purchase were abandoning the cart at a rate of 85 to 1. We uncovered and continue to work on streamlining the traffic to be buying rather than just visiting traffic.

See our Pricing Plans

We have multiple ways to engage with clients and in some cases, we customize our products and services around a clients existing team. In these cases we discuss pricing in a separate conversation. These programs are used as standard pricing for small, medium and larger companies.